About Me






Hello world!
I’m April Berry (née Geaghan). Here I sit in my corner of the world, Adelaide, South Australia. Born & bred in a truly beautiful & inspiring part of the globe. My enormous passion for ALL things vintage has led me on a new path into cyber space – and into your life. Life is shared with my fabulous hubby, two little doggies (King Rupert & Miss CoCo) & two wonderful, precious, grown up children. My whole life has been one long journey to the next find, the next great adventure! Whether its my all consuming passion for ‘family history/genealogy’, a fabulous rusty tin, shabby packing case furniture, a beautiful historic town or the latest recycled clothes find, I’m in constant personal heaven. A trained singer & performer, my creative antenna is always on! I love shared creativity and a great idea!..So here’s to sharing a ‘lil bit of ‘April’s Love’!

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