Herb-a-licious wreath love

Fading Daisy Chains make the best wreaths

Fading Daisy Chains make the best wreaths

The four featured wreaths/artists on my hashtag #ourwreathlove from last Friday.
Oh my, where to start! Feathers, gathered garden flowers & bits & bobs have made for stunning & creative wreaths this week! As for sea shells, I personally would never thought of using sea shells as a wreath – this ingenious creativity is just divine to say the least, wouldn’t you agree?!
This weeks featured four

This weeks featured four

But friends, that’s the beauty of being a ‘wreath lover’, you let your mind go & the creativity flows into some amazing & inspiring pieces of home decor!
Please do join me & many other kindred spirits on Instagram at @aprilsloves 
Every week I feature four images from various artists & add them to the blog here.
Introducing this weeks featured artists who have gathered beautiful elements & brought us some real eye candy… Thank you all!
wreath gathered 3
Wreath 1 – @samphireandseasalt truly inspiring finds by the sea! The sea shells are such a creative touch.
wreath gathered 1Wreath 2 – @kweststudio8 A delightful edit & perspective on this calss act wreath
wreath gathered 2
Wreath 3 – @chicgrl26 Something to tickle our fancy…. a feather wreath!!!
wreath gathered
Wreath 4 – @24cherrys Beautiful pieces from the garden make a delightful & pretty seasonal display.
Happy wreath love – Miss Love

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