Our Wreath Love

My grapevine wreath - our wreath love @aprilsloves

I came to realise in the past few months there are many kindred spirits who share my April Love passion for wreaths!

Simple, humble, foraged, reclaimed & recycled pieces – these unique art forms make the most desirable of displays!
No longer relegated to just Christmas, creative folk have stripped them back & turned them upside down (which is a little odd since they’re round) & brought them into 2015. The ancient history of wreath & wreath making celebrates everything from new life to fashion to celebration! I’ve even seen it said in the early days in Europe, people would put wreaths on their doors to identify their home in the same manner that house numbers are used today – fascinating! I often wonder if my strong wreath love is harking back to another life… Professional wreath maker perhaps?! 

It is also a beautiful way of repurposing & using foraged items! Olive branches, Rosemary, grasses, wire – you name it, the possibilities are only as limited as the imagination. 

Inspiring! Styled wreath perfection by @mysuburbanfarm

Feature wreath by @mysuburbanfarm

As part of my wreath love celebration, I recently started a little hashtag on the fabulous app Instagram. #ourwreathlove
It’s there I realised the enormous love of these beauties that extend past just my notion of a past life job description lol.  So many inspiring wreath lovers have tagged their creations. As a thank you & a nod to all those who share my love, I’ll be doing a regular feature of 4 images in a grid every Monday on IG & featuring those here on the blog on Friday!
There’s no prize per say, well not a material one. The prize is in sharing wreath lovers vision & creativity – to inspire each other to look at beauty & bring it into our world.
So on today’s blog many of the images are of other artists with their details – pleases feel free to follow the links to appreciate their work. I thank them all for inspiring me so completely & sharing their loves
This weeks four – bravo! Find them on April’s Loves IG

This weeks our wreath love features

Wreath 1 by @scullerydaysvintage


recycled & foraged items. by @scullerydaysvintage


 Wreath 2 by @Isabella_and_george

artful captures by @Isabella_and_george

Wreath 3 by @stylemeprecious

beautiful foraged decor by @stylemeprecious

Wreath 4 by @carlajane_92

Hand drawn by @carlajane_92

…so get your wreath love on & join me on instagram @aprilsloves & tag your images #ourwreathlove
Happy wreath love – Miss Love

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