…I always fancied myself as a writer, then I realized I have NOOO command at all of the English language!



So another calendar year dawns & I’m sure there isn’t one person that hasn’t spent time contemplating  – even for the tiniest moment – what they’ve achieved, haven’t achieved, might achieve, want to achieve & may possibly achieve.

Hmmm… That said the innate, eternal optimist kicks in. A focus on new adventures, passions & creativity suddenly spring to mind. Like a whirlwind, ideas bombard & there’s not enough moments in the day – or at times enough energy!

always look for the right perspective...

A list, perhaps but I do seem to lose lists. A yearly planner, meh not that kinda gal. Just a cunning plan, or 6, a song in the heart & a lot of passion. Should be enough.
Ok, let’s start right here, new day, new blog right?! Along with a goal to take that mojo, find things that inspire & speak my OWN language – April Love language, where a non-command of the ordinary no longer matters!… Time to evolve that creativity.
So, a picture speaks a thousand words… Again not MY words, but they sure are words that speak to me. So I say, for starters let the photo inspiration begin!

Find the beauty in imperfection

I hope you all make the opportunity to speak you’re own language too.. This year & always
April Love xx

Speaking my own language.. that's April Love language.

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