So you can teach an old dog, new tricks!







Here's an old dog.. he know's MANY new tricks!








Let me take a moment to clarify. ‘Old’ can be such an ambiguous word, whilst I don’t actually consider myself old, in the scheme of things age & experience is to be revered, so that’s fine with me! As for ‘dog’ – well, I couldn’t think of a more wonderful species to be compared with!!

That being said.. What’s all this polava about new tricks then?!

Online – has meant many things to my vintage loving world in the past 12mths or so.. Navigating websites, social plugins like business facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest & twitter & now to concour YouTube! at first site.. well, ALMOST!








These forays into the cyber world don’t come second nature, as many I know are now nodding their heads in agreement. Yet, we hop on board that train with gusto, link it all & give it a go. Those in my ‘demographic’ – & trust me it’s a BROAD demographic, once mastering space invaders, pac man & galga along with setting up a beta video player, we’re once our biggest challenges!… & what were CD’s?!

I find it completely fascinating that my beloved world of vintage, of old & shabby – the ‘past’, now gets propelled, everywhere, by the mere loading of apps & adding my information in new, exciting & inventive ways.. No, that’s not NEW news, but the meeting of these two amazing worlds feels truly… Karmic! Technology takes my LOVES and connects them with kindred spirits.. It can only be a positive all round.

That’s why I love these two worlds & am thoroughly enjoying the journey & the discovery.. So before I have a ‘bex and a lie down’ just one more thing..

Please enjoy the ‘April’s Love YouTube Channel’..

April xx



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