Bonne Année

Fuzzy… blurry.. Dizzy.. That’s the point I’m at post-Christmas/New year I say!

It’s a whirl wind of treasure, giving, food AND good wishes.. & ok, what about those New Years Resolutions?! Hmmm??!! I have to say, not something I’m all to keen on. To me it’s like paying a 24mth contract on a gym membership & using a month of it! I prefer instead to reflect – from where I’ve been & what I’ve done, I can set in motion simple ideas as to how & where I’d like to head next..

Then, it’s full steam ahead.. toot toot..



simple statements meant so much





Looking through ‘vintage coloured glasses’, as I do, I’m turning to gorgeous old ephemera to led me on inspiration for the start of 2014!
These treasures, most written so very long ago, speak of love, friendship & good will. They speak of joy & a positive outlook to what may lie ahead. When I look at some of the dates I think about the times in which they were written. A number in my collection were written about & during the First World War.

Glad tidings.. to think & reflect.








The stories, sighhh, I can only imagine. The journeys, laughter & sadness.. The beauty of a rose. I think I can learn a lot from these endearing, old pieces of history, taking me forward.

...said with a Rose!







Though the dates may be different, the styles, the social etiquettes, some things are NO different.. The desire for peace, to be loved, to enjoy friendship.. To be human.

Happy New Year to all.. without a resolution in sight








Bonne Amiee friends!

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