..and with a flip of her skirt & a turn of her heel, she vanished as if by magic..








Ok, just a tad dramatic.. But some things just call for it!

Vintage fashion & clothing has long since been the pre occupation from one generation to the next. As individual as we each are, so can our ‘love’ for a look & style. We reminisce & imagine, soaking up film & advertising of the way ‘it was’ in another era.

glowing silhouettes

 My particular fascination has been vintage lingerie & petticoats! The very basics.. You may well say! The humble vintage petticoat is something I find irresistible, whether I’m styling for something or just ’cause it’s darn puuuurdy!

soft, flowing layers of prettiness

Soft, flowing layers – laces, ribbons, tulle.. Ahhh tulle! The very light of my life. Soft or starched & full to enhance each & every delightful garment. Slightly romanticised?! Well, maybe but it’s my blog & my romantic notions lol.

Romantic notion..







These darlings are more difficult to source these days, as a new generation also finds them beguiling..  & why wouldn’t they?! Many I find are shipped off to ‘new’ custodians equally entranced  by their loveliness. That’s ok, we are each only a ‘custodian’ of what crosses our path & there’s a special joy in sharing it on with another soul that understands & appreciates it’s beauty.  So, I shall retreat into my romantic notion, of gorgeous layers of prettiness – with a flip of my skirt (petticoat!!), turn on my heel and…….


Vintage accents speak for themselves

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