Driven to Distraction.

Dont fence me in...












I will start this post by adding a disclaimer to my bog – ‘I am EASILY distracted’.

My Mum always had a saying – ‘it’s driving me to distraction’! Granted, I’m not sure she was using this in the most favorable sense within the possibilities of the expression BUT I certainly relate to being distracted in its pure essence. I’m like one of those ‘bower birds’.. Oh, look! Bright shiny things.. Ohhhhh so pretty OR did you say you have a cunning plan?!

Latest distractions would have to include ROSES as my home town bristles & bursts in full spring colours everywhere your head turns. I can’t help but be distracted & ultimately full of wonder at the floral extravaganza!!.. I mean, really how could you resist.

Pretty maids all in a row..









‘Green thumb’ doesn’t generally appear in the April Love list of amazing gifts and talents – sadly. I’m reassured you don’t need a green thumb when it comes to roses, especially in Adelaide’s ideal rose growing climate.. hmmmm Ok, we’ll go with that. Fortunately I don’t need to make any ‘sacrificial roses’ on my journey when I have my trusty phone camera & roses on EVERY street corner. Snap, click – Instagram.. Snap, click – Instagram.. Bored yet?! I think not.

Pretty in pink











Growing up my folks always had roses – along with fruit trees & veggie patches, as you did! Every year those roses were hacked, yes HACKED, back to a stick in the ground. The strained sounds of my mum.. ‘WALLY!!!!!’ Still ring in my ears. Funny though, by spring we truly had the most amazing roses. Every year this scene played out.. Well, someone knew what they were doing.

Natures very own natural posie











So here’s to ‘ the best things in life are free’ & my grand ability to be hopelessly ‘driven to distraction’ by the the FREE beauty of the ‘Rose’, I hope you enjoy too. 

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine...

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