That’s APRIL through the looking glass, if you dont mind.



Ah yes! Dear Alice… from wonderland that is. One of my most FAV books/characters, to whom I’ve always had a strange affinity!! I cant explain it, but I just LOVE that gal’s style! I often have the biggest laugh when people call me ‘Alice’, instead of ‘April’ – yes, it does actually happen. More often than you’d think.

My vintage book - 'Alice' - who I hold a strange affinity with.








.. and there she sits, nestled happily on my desk, somewhere between the computer, a kewpie & a ‘diamond’ (LOL). But the looking glass I’m featuring today is a lady Mr B & I recently found on a weekend sojourn to the fabulous ‘Barossa Valley’.

Having spent much time in the Barossa over the years, a trip there always seems to draw some wonderful treasures. Our most recent trip, was no exception!! On this occasion we ventured outside of what would be termed as the ‘Barossa’ to a town just on the edge called ‘Kapunda’. Dear Kapunda started life as a ‘mining town’ in the 1800’s when a copper deposit was discovered in 1842.  Mr B’s grandparents had lived a spell in the town when he was a child, he has fond & sweet memories of times spent visiting. So, we decided to rekindle some memories & pop by. Fortunately for MOI we did!! 

There, through the doors of the first antique shop we went in.. she shone like a beacon!!! I thought I was seeing things.. & I know my eyesight is not the best, but I thought I was having a vision LOL. I have long been a fan of procured glass, I have a delightful ‘Murano’ glass 1950’s mirror on a stand. But this darling I had not seen the likes of outside a book. Dated aprox 1920’s every piece, bar one cap on the centre screw, is intact! No broken or chipped glass. Her delicate edges are actually milk glass. The pale pink ‘rosette’ flowers are indeed exquisite. The beautiful etching in the mirror sets it’s oval shape off perfectly and the mild patina of age & time on the mirror add the right amount of ‘authenticity’.


Sitting pretty! My vintage mirror find...







I told Mr B, there’s no way I can go home without her. As always, he just smiled. Of course, it wouldn’t be an ‘April Love’ pick if I didn’t find out all I could about her. Although she had made her way all the way to Kapunda, this lady had come from Adelaide!.. well, i’ll be. Bought at an auction by the store owners.. HA, wouldn’t you have had to have crossed your legs when you saw THAT one up for auction!!! The owner of the store sadly knew no more, no provenance. Where this beauty originated, we don’t know. What I do know is she has lived a very cared for life with her near perfect condition.

Sweet details of this lovely lady!








Delicate pink glass flowers adorn the milk glass around the edge.








This beauty can only reflect a delicate history!







So home she came, the rest.. as they say, is history! Mr B lined her up & placed her so wonderfully on our ‘boudoir’ wall. Where I can admire her every morning & every night. I’m always slightly amazed at what we ‘draw’ to ourselves.. this lady goes from Adelaide to Kapunda, Country SA to wait for.. me.. so, i’m not sure if Mr B’s Nan was smiling on me from the universe or my alter ego ‘Alice’ had a hand in it, but now she reins Queen again in MY little castle.

 Love, Love

April xx

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