‘Old Skool is Kool’

Old Skool is Kool!!.. Says it all right there on that vintage caravan TOOT TOOT!!








Whilst it doesn’t take much to get me over excited when it comes to ‘vintage’, my blood pressure certainly raised a notch or three when my dear friend from -Fiona Gaye Jewellery Designs  asked if I’d be interested in helping out at the Adelaide Vintage Caravan Grand Parade as part of the Caravan & Camping Show .

You must know, rising early is NOT my strong point.. BUT with images of the 1953 film ‘The Long, Long Trailer’ starring Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball, in my head, I was most happy to join this pilgrimage!

Thoughts of the FABO 1950's flick 'The Long, Long Trailer' danced in my head!! (image via IMDb)








Our task at the Adelaide showgrounds, was to help guide the cars & caravans to their designated places, joined by the admin & other volunteers. As the Vintage vans & cars started to enter the area where we were my ‘professionalism’ went out the proverbial window. I began to coo & squeal, to the point of audibly announcing ‘..Oh that’s GORGEOUS!!.. I think I’m going to pee my pants..’ as the lil pink van from Vintage Caravan Magazine sauntered by. Yes, ever the lady, least I gave the natives a chuckle & NO-ONE could deny the excitement I felt.

The vintage caravans, some with vintage cars, flooded in.. to my EXCITMENT!!!!








Now, if this was on offer... would you not squeal & pee just a little??!!! (..always the LADY April :-P)








...But when the POLICE showed.. I thought it was time to CALM DOWN APRIL!! lol








They were from all eras, some kept more original, some fully restored, some with ‘new & improved’ interiors.. But they were ALL truly divine. There was a smile on every spectators face whilst the owners happily chatted about their (LOVES) vans, adventures & stories. Such a positive experience of bringing the ‘past’ to meet the ‘future’, of ’generations colliding in the most fabulous way!! To experience someone else’s passion can truly ignite yours, no matter what ‘your’ specific passion is. We merrily chatted to a number of ‘happy campers’ – after our ‘duties’ where finished, of course! Camera’s a clicking & wonderful stories filled our heads and fired our imagination.. Of what it was like when these babies were new & what the dreams and possibilities could be for renovating one in the future.

Lil vintage vans with AWNINGS.. Do I have a problem??!!.. rhetorical!








Dreamy interiors!! by Vintage Caravan Magazine... SQUEAL!!!








Chic & Unique!! One of our FAV's <3







..some had GLORIOUS vintage cars as well.. sigh







The was no shortage of stunning interiors with the most fabulous vintage touches








Even pink flamingos in suitcases were gettin' into the vibe. (Vintage Caravan Magazine)








As one dear gentleman said to us.. ‘.. having a caravan is a bit like being a ‘Gypsy’.. & there’s a little bit of Gypsy in all of us!’ If I had one of these vintage darlings, I’d most happily live the rest of my days as the life of a Gypsy.

Love, Love April

A Girl & her Awning! - my obsessive love of awnings on lil vintage vans!!


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