Little baskets all in a row.







The THRILL of having anything arrive that you’ve bought & are waiting on, is terribly exciting BUT when it’s a vintage purchase…STOP it!

ARRIVED! Now for a scrub-up..








 The heart set a flutter when I saw my fabulous vintage, rusty wire egg baskets today.. farm fresh of course!! I’d seen these delights on the fabulous facebook sales page of reGeneration. I often have a quick peruse of this interesting page with it’s selection of vintage marvels. Eclectic & diverse, I just LOVE it. Baskets –  jumped out.. as large as life itself. I’m sure i’ve dreamt of you, somewhere, haven’t I?! Regardless, you’re coming home with me. I envisage these in my one day completed kitchen, perched high on a slick shelf.. delish enough to eat.

Three little charmers.. had me at HellOOOOO!!







How can you NOT love the combination of old & new? The vibe & character, of a tried & tested piece, that gives to it’s ‘new’ environ. Even better, in my eyes, when it’s been a more ‘industrial’ style item with superb patina! And OK, yeah, I’m a sucker for a big slice of R.U.S.T (long as it’s not in my car)

Sitting pretty!!.. on the vintage bench, awaiting for their place to shine.








So there you have it, straight out of a home decor, designer magazine.. I give you my rusty, vintage, baskets.. Love Love xx 



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