Technology – gettin jiggy with it!



..always a PRINCESS!!..& why ever not?! xx

Technology is a funny old thing. I used to think, why do older people find ‘new’ things sooo hard to grasp..well, OPSIE I’m there now! LOL – so, moral of the story be careful what you say as it WILL come back to bite you! I wonder at how my adult children click this & do that with such easy AND how even younger generations use technology as if it’s just a part of them. It’s actually quite marvellous!

I for one, albeit not that techno-savy, have embraced it and have to say, I love it. ALWAYS in perspective & balance, always as an extension NOT who I am – If you get my drift?! For those who pop on over to this blog, i’d like to also introduce you to ‘Aprils Love’ facebook page! Set up only a few months ago it’s an extension of this blog-spot & in general, of all things VINTAGE – what else?! It’s fun, light & bright and ALWAYS a positive space to visit! I love being inspired by what others do & enjoy zipping around highlighting other pages, artist, ideas & inspiration. I enjoying writing a little post here & there about something chic..& unique & ever-so-interesting.. Many people have jumped on board to this little FB page, willingly & I have to say it’s just so nice to see so many interesting & diverse people from around the world sharing their LOVE & mine. I try not to re-post too many pictures, I like my page to be more a promotion of interesting things, people, styles & info. You can however follow me on pinterest ‘April’s Love pinterest’  for ENDLESS pictures from around the globe or take a peek at my own piccies on Instagram – APRILSLOVE14

I look forward to seeing everyone around & about in cyber space – here, &/or on the facebook & pinterest pages… So, ‘Press for Champagne’ & celebrate to kindred spirits!!

Love, Love April xx 


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