Flowers?!… I DO!

December seems to be an inherently busy month, regardless of whether you engage in the ‘christmas-ness’ or not. The momentum just pushes us along with everyone else! School’s, work functions, farewells, parties, catch up’s, holidays, often many a birthday…what exactly WAS happening nine months prior?- rhetorical!

Those of us in the hospitality & entertainment industry are keenly aware of the sudden upturn in, let us say…DEMAND! The wedding season steps up a notch too and you find yourself singing, ‘Love is in the air’ far more often than you’d care to. I  had the pleasure, this December, of ‘filling in’ with some great mates/band at a delightful ‘Adelaide hills’ wedding. Its a nice change to move out of the normal range of city options. As we say in Adelaide, ’20mins from anywhere’ and albeit the winery was 40mins, in most peoples terms, that’s up the road!

This sweet little venue, Longview winery, not only catered for the wedding reception, but the ceremony too! What I’m really falling in Love with regarding weddings these days, is the genuine effort with the level of commitment to creativity in the ‘look’ & ‘feel’. Many are stepping away from the ‘norm’ & over the top tradition, and stamping a day with some individuality! Of course, what please’s my eye most is the obvious lean towards vintage & recycle/repurpose!

Chic & serene ceremony.





This day was set against picturesque, rolling hillsides, blue skies & gentle breezes. It certainly adds a calm, relaxed & gentle vibe to any occasion. Bridal parties, venues & planners are popping vintage/vintage style ideas like champers corks!

Rolling Adelaide Hills view - Longview Winery.







Who doesn’t love seeing a group of sparkling chandi’s??! add some draped fabric…& voila! effectively a big, wood & tin clad room becomes a magical  palace. Again, it doesn’t take much to make a mini wonderland. There’s no end to ideas out there & you certainly don’t have to be a creative ‘guru’ to replicate wonderful ideas that work looks to suit your personality & themes. Surf the net, check the pinterest boards..there’s no such thing as an original idea BUT you can take an idea & make it all your own by adding your own, indiviual stamp. Old crates here, vintage lanterns there, tables & trestles filled with vintage glassware filled with lollies, sweets & goodies – truly a feast for the eyes! (and hips!) Suitcases stacked high. chalk boards & quirky signs.. ideas & fun everywhere you look!

Romantic lighting






Swathes of fabric & chadi's can make ALL the difference.








On this particular auspicious occasion, a wonderful night was had by all & without question the feel of the ‘Bride & Groom’ was captured beautifully. Its also always nice when you find yourself a part of the festivities to be acknowledged too. So when the lovely ‘Mother of the Bride’ offered me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the evening, I was most happy to take away my little piece of floral happiness of just one moment in December where nature, beauty, the embodiment of vintage/repurpose & Love came together & sparkled!

A gift from a memorable day







Love, Love
April xx

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