Rust in Peace.

One of my most favourite, sexy, indulgent four letter words… RUST.
No, not the type you find on your new car, eeeek! The kind that has slowly made its mark of time, leaving some gorgeous old piece with the perfect patina!

Recognizing my need to be balanced..sigh.. I pick & chose what I feel will fit the scale of what I’m trying to create on a personal/home decor front. Like most, we set aside a special outside space to enjoy the sun & quiet times – relax, reflect AND entertain! These days people’s available outdoor space varies greatly – from huge properties, covered pergola areas to a little concrete veranda, perhaps a groovy balcony or a courtyard space. No matter what your ‘special spot’ you can lovingly rust it up!

Through the years of having a retail business, many a rusty piece crossed my path. These old gems I kept from my shop – but I may, in time, be persuaded to move on.. Once they graced an Aussies country homestead, sold to me via some great folks at Goolwa many years ago. I love architectural & industrial – it doesn’t all have be ‘pretty’ in the rosy sense of the word to get me happy dancin’.

..Iron from an old Aussie homestead..maybe looking for a new home at your's?!!


Or perhaps this green is more your style?!

 One of my fav pieces in my special corner of the universe, is this old plant stand ….









Whilst you see this style of piece around, I’m yet to have seen one quite like this. It’s scroll sides & ornate approaches place it a little earlier than others. Mr B & I spotted this many years ago. It’s lovely owner was ‘throwing’ her out – her use she felt out lived. BA- BOWWWW..not to me it wasn’t! The lady was happy for us to take it & showed us around the rest of her property – needless to say..pickers heaven!!! Ok, so this pieces biggest ‘fault’ was she no longer had her metal/disk feet. It didn’t appear to be a problem to me! I just ‘planted’ her into the garden! There she stands, proud & elegant, don’t you think ;-)) 










These ‘circles’ are off a farm. They once graced wheels & are very vintage. Mr Michael, whom I purchased my A-frame vintage ladders from, also had these resting anonymously in the hall.  Mr B spied with his little eye! What wonderful pieces, showing the passage of time & would get better with even more rust! After much discussion, the wheels were ours! Mr B has grand plans to use them within a sculpture!!..a new life & purpose, as art!..and why ever not?!











The grand chandelier – for those who join me on the ‘April’s Love’ Facebook  page, has attracted some attention and I DID say I would tell its story! So here it is…My little shop in Duty St – April Love, attracted many an interesting & varied customer! Not everyone was there to buy, some had goodies to sell, which for me was often very handy! A lovely lady, let’s refer to her as ‘Belle’ graced my shop one day with all sorts of country finds from the South East of South Australia. We had so many good times, sitting on the floor pouring over all the goodies, too many to mention! Belle has a great eye & leaned very much to the ‘shabby chic’ style – but with her own unique, individual twist. A kindred spirit. She loved chandeliers & in her home was a big, iron candle chandi. One day she explained to me how this was covered in artificial Rose’s and spray painted to give it a mottled, vintagy effect!! WOW what a cool idea – easy AND cost effective. Many years later, on the side of the road set out for hard rubbish, the heavens opened & the sun shone on THIS  little beauty!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was indeed the chandi that had belonged to Belle all these years had now found its me!! As a foot note, Belle was so happy it had found a new life with someone to love it all over again – and THAT my friends is the beauty of ‘recycling’ & serendipity.










A number of fabulous old rusty pieces have been gathered to truly make my special place, a very HAPPY place!










One of two fabulous vintage chairs given to me for a birthday – someone knew me well!! It’s now graced with a darling old birdcage from The Vintage Palace   

The other one is rockin’ a rusty upturned bucket..what else?!! A few images to share with you of my wonderfully RUSTED, vintage pieces..






































These couple of item’s were actually new, they are weathering beautifully and fit nicely into the theme. The huge scrolly plant stand (from Of paint and Possession) is flanked by a BIG mirror behind it. This very creative idea was Mr B’s, after reno-ing our built in, the old mirrored door has found a whole new life & purpose..a very cunning plan indeed!!


A new item rusting nicely to fit the outdoor theme! Bought from Of paint and Possession.











One of two new item's made to look old - now gain their OWN rusted patina.













…and last, but not least..doesn’t EVER rusty old trunk deserve a possible re=purpose into a stunning planter?! That’s what I thought anyway & at the beginning of winter I filled it with assorted daffodil bulb that are now flourishing in the spring sunshine. The blue & rusted patina of this charming old trunk fit with my own palate of never ending BLUES!! – Happiness all round.

A darling old trunk filled with spring sunshine.












So here’s to the LOVE of ‘dirty’ words!!
Love, Love April xx


P.S. I’d love all my blog visitors to stay tuned for the launch of a new FB page where many goodies will be coming your way! Just for starters..the creative theory behind this chandi will be recreated, new life to old lamps, beautiful bunting and SOOOO much more… So hop on over to Aprils Love facebook page where it will be announced soon.

4 Responses to “Rust in Peace.”

  1. Bec says:

    I just love the chest as a planter box – gorgeous!

    • April Love says:

      Lovely to see you darlin Bec!! Thanks for popping by & checking out my ramblings :-) the trunk is a doll & my vision for filling it with daffodil bulbs has paid off nicely – so I’m very happy!! Such easy decor, & because it was already very rusty & worn metal, it didn’t matter doing with it what I have. Nice, easy, cheap statement piece! Hope to see you again soon! Love, Love xxx

  2. Julie says:

    Love your blog my friend, your enthusiasm and your pizzaz at writing! And as you know I love love all your ‘rusty’ pieces – you are my inspiration. And I am holding with bated breath for your new FB page!!! xoxo

    • April Love says:

      So glad you’re enjoying a bit of a read my friend! Happy that what I love, can be an inspiration to someone else – we ALL make such a difference in this life/world, so let’s make it positive! On that note, I’m just lovin what you’ve been doin in your castle!!..and adding your own, unique stamp! See you soon, Love, Love xx

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