Gemma Vendetta – A name you WON’T be forgetting!.

I feel I could feature a person like Gemma under so many headings here on my blog, …April’s Love, Let’s go shopping, Flights of fancy…But, I’ve chosen ‘Inspiring People’ & I hope by reading on you understand just why..

Gemma Vendetta became known to me a few years ago via one of my ‘google sessions’…blame Mr B, he’s always saying,  ‘Just google it’!  As an artist, I’m always having a ‘flight of fancy’ & I needed (notice the word NEED) to source a ‘makeup artiste’ that could authentically replicate vintage styles/looks. On my quest, one name kept crossing my path, ‘Gemma Vendetta’!! WHO was this gal? & where had she come from?! The website & pictures were outstanding!..& to my huge delight, an ADELAIDE gal! (insert happy dance) So, as always, I squirreled away this vital information just knowing, sooner or later, I’d NEED it for a rainy day!!

Gemma - looking every bit the vintage, pinup gal!









Gemma's modelling portfolio












My beautiful friend, Bec JM, & fellow artist/vocalist, enlisted my advice on some ‘looks’ for her up coming show in the Adelaide fringe  – ‘Swinging Through WW2′ …and BINGO! Show + Bec JM + Gemma Vendetta = WINNER! I was completely confident Gemma could recreate an authentic look for Bec & her Gals. The overall effect just shone on the night Mr B & I saw one of the three sold out fringe’s some pics so YOU can be the judge (via & with permission from the girls). Bec JM & her FAB show will be a feature blog coming soon, so stay tuned Luvie’s!!…

The sensational BecJM - Swinging through WW2. Hair & makeup by Gemma Vendetta












Bec JM & her 'Shoo Shoo Mamma's' - hair & makeup by Gemma Vendetta.












The lovely Gemma has a fabulous portfolio, encompassing her own modeling pics. Gemma’s authentic recreation of looks & eras is I believe is second to now. Hair, makeup – can you believe she does it all?! I personally am very picky, for the use of a better word, when it comes to eras & looks. I know what I want and how something needs and should look – Gemma nails it! Gemma’s skill’s are firmly moving her into the relms of photos shoots & weddings. The ‘vintage’ looks make these events truly POP! Gemma’s also holding workshops where you can get the tips & looks, sounds like gold to me – the do it all queen! (check her FB or website for more details)


Gemma's 'vintage weddings' expertise!











Glam looks to inspire - by Gemma Vendetta.











Vintage looks to inspire - Hair & Makeup by Gemma Vendetta








Gemma weaving her vintage makeup magic & a recent workshop








Along side Gemma’s talent, there is a woman of true heart. A kindred spirit & I’d go as far to say…she may have been here before in the guise of a pinup doll?! Lol. Either way, Gemma is the genuine article. A lovely soul that belies a health issue that can be so debilitating. MS is a condition I don’t profess to know much about on a personal level, but if you read info via organizations such a the MS society  you will have an appreciation of what sufferers deal with on an ongoing basis. You are NOT defined by your illness, but by who you are as a person & what you put into the universe via your corner of the world. It’s with a keen eye I look at someone like Gemma with all her talent, background & now on a slightly personal level, and feel the gratitude of being SO very inspired by her focus, individuality & spirit!

To end this blog, here’s a few pic’s from the show ‘TJ Collective’. I FINALLY was able to engage the makeup services of Gemma to give ‘moi’ a slightly Dita/pinup gal look I’d envisaged while I performed in Terry Jones fabulous original show, ‘It’s my right to be wrong’ – where Terry’s latest CD was a feature. Gemma did the make up for the 3 gals in the show – we all felt truly spesh! The scene was set, the gorgeous dimly lit Promethean Theatre, the stage with its quirky lamps & lighting & I have to say..looking like a Dita goddess (or as close as I’m ever gonna get lol) I think I even sang better!! Head on over to where you can check out first hand some of Terry’s great tunes & some footage from the show. It had a great, slightly vintage vibe with songs like Paris 1967 & La can even check me on ‘Once in a lifetime’!!

Miss Love - Tj Collective 'It's my right to be wrong' - makeup by Gemma Vendetta










A happy 'dita-esque' Miss Love thanks to the magic of Gemma Vendetta.








So please seek out what this inspiring gal does & in the process, I hope you gain inspiration for what it is YOU love – & like Gemma, let nothing stop you from living your dream!!

Love, Love April xx


Please note, all pictures have been reproduced with the permission of Gemma Vendetta & Bec JM. I would like to thank them & the various photographers involved in these amazing photo’s. Please contact Gemma with any enquiries about her professional services or of the professional services of the photographers involved xx.

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