Gettin’ on board that ‘A – Frame’

I have been a little tardy of late with my posts, BUT I put myself in a temporary hiatus! You see I NEEDED to finish the study/studio workspace – I was over it.  Although ‘I AM WOMAN’ I admit that contrary to popular belief, I actually cant do everything at once, then add to that my attention span of approximately 20min AND loads of stuff to ‘sort through’ & clear – and well, I just said enough.. FOCUS!!…& here I am once again.

I’ve added for your veiwing pleasure, a few pic’s of disaster, a few pic’s of the still evolving, product and new ‘flights of fancy’ that is The Studio!

First, a few treasures it’d saved away, destined to find a new home here.. Not least of all this fine, vintage, print from the ever wonderful – Vintage Carousel   This was always destined to adorn the wall above my desk so I can look up & feel inspired!!..

My fabulous vintage print! Hours of eye-balling pleausre












Then, let’s not forget a bin! I spied this old tin without a lid at a market thing where the fabulous Vintage Carousel had a stall – a steal for $2..I knew it had a re-purpose straight away! 

Rosy old tin with no lid - re-purposed into a glam vintage bin!

Of course every office/study/studio needs a desk, right?! My pink pretty was found at the back of Kensington Antiques. Unloved, in the corner with junk all over it, it called my name & shone WAY above anything he had in that tin shed! Its price was too good to be true. I was on a bit of a ‘pick’ with bestie Ms  JC, she feel in love with it too and confirmed that if I left without it, I was an idiot! (ok, she’s way more gentle than that..but I KNOW that’s what she meant!) Ok, yeah so I DID leave without it..insert ‘stupidity’ here. I was trying to think with my head – when seriously, I just needed to listen to my GUT! Needless to say, back I went..& here she is! (a slightly genteler pink in real life)

'Pretty In Pink' - my vintage desk.


Fortunately Mr B is a tuned in guy & when I sent him pic’s, he loved it immediately too.
The main focus of the room though is actually two AMAZING, vintage A-Frame ladders. All their wear, paint splodges & charm are more than any money could buy! We found these from a very cool dude who had a temporary store on Prospect Road.  Mr Michael told us he was trying to sell off some goodies or his wife would divorce him – A huge collector himself, a lover of all things Rusty & breathing history – we feel in Love with his quirky nature straight away. These were a prize, he knew their value too – that’s ok, he still gave us a good deal & delivered them for us. He’s such a great guy, & very creative!
Interestingly, I’ve learnt creativity comes in all shapes & sizes, its not defined by being ‘young’ or having a certain ‘look’ or lifestyle – It’s just uniquely part of how you are as an individual, what you bring to life with your heart, soul & PASSION! 

Sneak peaking the fabulous vintage A- frames


Glam always has a downside - the fabulous vintage DIRT!

Of course, it would seem with all beauty there would be a little pain – here’s a collage of some ‘before’ shots!..

MESS MESS MESS - ahh, no gain without pain!

Finally (for the moment) here’s a pic of a little treasure I found a while back from my lovely friends at Cross Road Collectables

My Vintage radio - a sweet find from Cross Road Collectables.

Doesn’t she look the bomb sitting on the rustic plank that straddles the A-Frames?! There’s loads of goodies to grace the ‘plank’ including some man-tiques that belong to Mr B ( Yes, I DO need to remind myself its his space too lol) Eventually an old interior bungelow door, we’ve salvaged from our house, will become a ‘work space/table’ that spans between the frames. I also have another new acquisition of a vintage, adjustable smaller work bench…coming to a blog near you soon!!…  As I said – a work in progress – everything takes a little time & planning, but I believe to surround yourself in a ‘space’ (no matter where, no matter what the room) is crucial to being productive, creative & feeling GOOD! You don’t need loads of dollars or an interior designer, just use your imagination – take an idea, make it your own, go scout out some bargains – they’re out there! 
Love, Love
April xx

6 Responses to “Gettin’ on board that ‘A – Frame’”

  1. Julie B. says:

    I love the pics April, will have to come and see it in person though to get the full effect! Did Miss Coco help? I have discovered she is very good at “sorting through things”! :) xx

    • April Love says:

      Ah-ha.. As a yet ‘unfinished’ work in progress – this post is designed to keep you guessing & revisiting tee hee – but, of course YOU can see it in ‘real’ space & time anytime you wish :-) Miss CoCo is indeed helpful – she cleared out my bin only today :-p thanks for popping by. Love, Love xxxx

  2. Julie says:

    Once again you wrote a fabulous blog and yes your photos are beautiful!!! Oh I haven’t seen your vintage print before it really is absolutely gorgeous, you were hiding that from me lol!!. I can just picture you know sitting at your pretty little desk with a nice cuppa tea in one of your beautiful tea cups, gazing up at the print for inspiration – yes life is good!! Can’t wait to see the next part of this story and how your studio turns out. And shopping with you is always fun and the above gave me a giggle (yep I did think you were a little crazy not snapping it up immediately lol).. love xoxoxo

    • April Love says:

      Thank you Luvie!! You are so supportive & it’s very much appreciated – may you get back the positivity you give out, a 1000x over! Love to have a good old treausre hunt – we must make a cunning plan for another one VERY soon. Love, Love xx

  3. Emmeline says:

    Man-tiques is my new favourite word. Great blog, can’t wait to see the room!

    • April Love says:

      Thank you sweetie!..oh, I so wish I could CLAIM the word ‘man-tique’s’ lol It’s a goodin! Room is still as yet an unfinished project, but VERY different from when you last saw it. I’m hoping it’ll be finished by the time you come back..LOL! Love you, thanks for popping by & for your lovely, positive comments xxx

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