Message In A Bottle

I’m always up for a good idea – & today I was inspired & reminded of a cool idea that makes for unique, simple & cheap decor OR event decor!

My friends at Cross Road Collectables shared this picture of a collection of colored, vintage bottles.









They are beautiful! All shapes & sizes, colours & shades – simple, natural beauty. I’m reminded that my friends at Cross Road Collectables have, what they’ve titled, ‘the bottle barn’ lol. An area just filled with  old bottles! Indeed they do, & all price accessible. Ok, you may not live in the same hemisphere, so try YOUR local! Markets &’ll be surprised what’s in your own backyard – so to speak! Although, many years ago I picked up a few gorgeous bottles down the coast at Normanville & they had done just that, found them in their own backyard/property!!

Vintage Bottles - part of my collection - & LOVE!











A fabulous mantle display - via









So many uses for old bottles & jars - prettied up. So easy, so cost effective decor! (pic via google)











Besides setting a scene of sweet collection, I came across these pic’s/idea via pinterest which I’m just totally in LOVE with!

Great idea for home or function decor!







Displaying copies of old pictures in bottles - voila! (











What a grand way to combine vintage pictures, with vintage bottles!! Of course a little homework with finding the right size & opacity – but nothing that’s not achievable. I think this is a DARLING way to display your heritage! A lovely mantel or perhaps a side table with a little collection. A display in a bedroom would be delightful, don’t you think?! Now, being the family historian I am, I would NOT suggest you use original copies!! Originals must always be stored & kept for future generations – NO1 April Love rule! Instead, scan your pic’s and make copies. Or use your local photo place, and they can do it for you! Even a mere photo of your pic can look perfectly ok being displayed in this manner, with all the great devices we have at hand! Instagrams great for running your pics through a cool filter or perhaps achieving a ‘uniform’ look to your pics.

The other use for this ‘photo in a bottle’ idea, is function decor! Birthdays, weddings…just imagine these incorporated into wedding table settings! Pic’s of the bride & groom throughout their childhood etc on each table – or the signing or cake take. Just a simple, unique & quirky point of difference!

Here’s to the next grand idea!

Love, Love

April xx


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  1. Emmeline says:

    Loving this idea!! Can’t wait to come home and steal it hehe

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