I do love a Carousel – especially if it’s VINTAGE!







The wintry conditions didn’t deter our by-weekly shopping trip – so with bestie V in hand, off we went to visit the western burbs. Queen Street is quite the little Mecca, filled with cafes, organics, boutiques & vintage shops. As caffeinating is always a high priority for moi, I choose a new little cafe, well new to me, to sit for a spell – ‘Let Them Eat…’ suffice to say their displays of vego, vegan & gluten free goodies were overwhelming…ahhh V & I were home!

My eye's exploded with all the yummy goodness!!!






After firing our tum-tums & our imaginations, V then introduced me to a dear little ‘organic’ shop, Queen Street Grocer.

The fabulous 'Queen Street Grocer'!! - pic via their Facebook site.







 It’s brimming with every bean, seed & healthful thing you can imagine. ‘Quinoa’ was the buzz word today, a ‘superfood’ no less, as V extols its virtues…& I have no need to argue with that!  I cast me eye around at all the edible goodness & like an shinning beam of light out of nowhere, there was this little treasure..

My shiny vintage stars!!




Forget the superfoods, THIS little treasure had SUPER written all over it!! Seriously, how could I resist?! The irony of finding a few scattered vintage lovelies in a ‘organic food’ shop brought home what I’ve always felt, really, it goes hand in hand – taking us back to a time when ‘organic’ wasn’t a word, you just grew your own produce & had your own chooks, where there was no recycle just ‘hand me downs’. Whether it was produce, clothing our a nice piece of china Mum or Nanna handed down to you,  NOTHING was wasted – waste was a sin. Ah, yes indeed it was & it’s consequence for that sin has lead to many an unpleasant ‘scene’ all over the globe on every level. In many ways, the old ideas actually were the best – well, at least in these areas. Time’s are seeing a positive return to NO waste & treasure’s, wherether for the tum OR the eye’s, are big news to the discerning. So, needless to say, this poppet was wrapped, paid & secured its new future with MOI!!



Vintage lovelies - found in an unexpected place!











Come on home with me vintage poppet.












The best Brekky AND in Miss Love's top 5 picks for a great coffee.


While still on the western front, I couldn’t resist having just one more coffee at one of my fav places – Hawker Street Cafe, before heading home. 






I adore the relaxed and slightly quirky vibe. A fav for Mr B & I for Sunday brekky – their ‘Eggs Benny’ is to die for!!..  And always a vego option for my little been sprout. The owners are quite delightful & always welcoming – their coffee rates in April Love’s top 5!!


 Now call it ‘by chance’ but a stop at Hawker Street is a cue to visit one of, in my opinion, Adelaide’s BEST vintage shops – ‘Vintage Carousel’. The beautiful Rachel always greets with the warmest, engaging smile – Rachel is the face & owner of this fabulously quirky shop. Filled with ladders, seats, & assorted furniture to racks of groovy recycled clothes. The kitsch, practical & unusual all share a happy new home at Vintage Carousel. Yes, i snapped a few pic’s but you can find loads more on this shops facebook where goodies are ‘uploaded’ for your perusal and purchase.

The fabulous - & ever changing - Vintage Carousel!










Always worth a sneak peek in THIS window.











All manner of ladders & cool old benches.











Seriously..WHO doesn't love an old trunk?!











.Or maybe the 'Industrial' look is more your style?!











Vintage wallpapers - more creative ideas than i could mention!!











Packing Case LOVE.











A little shop with such, great style!











Of course I have secured many a treasure for the ‘lovin’ household.

A treasure for Mr B - Looking GROOVY - Tape deck, fold out speakers, built in mic..what else could you need?!



Mr B has also found Love previously at this little store, he’s always engaged by the eye for interesting gadgets – so, truly something for everyone!









Funky old gadetry - truly something for everyone.












Recently at Vintage Carousel, I spotted a little beauty for Miss JC. A dear, dear childhood  bestie & all things vintage enthusiast! Miss JC had sought my professional services and engaged me to ‘source’ her a vintage magazine table with a top for her glam cups of tea – but of course, what more could a ‘real lady’ want?! The brief was quite specific. My roving eye had been searching for sometime & the item in question is not particularly common. Vintage Carousel came to the rescue. Now, the item isn’t quite fitting the brief as this particular table was wood, not iron as preferred, BUT knowing Miss JC’s style & penchant that leans towards a touch of the ‘Shabby Chic” I felt it was a strong contender nonetheless less. I fell in love with this baby as did Miss JC after receiving my txt/pic!  The look, the price – a winner..& everyone lived happily ever after!

A FAB-U-LO-SO find for Miss JC.










I could truly visit Vintage Carousel  every week & I’d bet my bottom dollar I’d find something new & interesting  EVERYTIME. The presentation of this little shop is to be admired, why? Because of its pure simplicity. The seemingly effortless attention to simple lines & details brings life to these vintage & recycled goodies – well, it just makes you want to take them ALL home. Isn’t that the secret – ah ha, by george she’s got it! More importantly, it has a soul, by and large because it’s owner does. A clear eye, passion & Love – perhaps an ‘old soul’ – breathes its new life into vintage. This is why Vintage Carousel is one of April’s Love – I hope you can pop on by soon, or at the least via cyber space. Fortunately for Rachel I don’t visit every week – for fear she may accomplish little with my constant chatter about all things vintage…never the less, I  have a funny feeling I wont be able to resist for long…

Love, Love

4 Responses to “I do love a Carousel – especially if it’s VINTAGE!”

  1. julie says:

    Once again April you have excelled in this blog – you are truly an amazing and inspirational wonder. Loving your blogs and love love love my vintage magazine table (I felt very special you mentioning me thank you my dear friend)! love xoxo

    • April Love says:

      Thank you lovely!! So glad you’re tunning in AND enjoyed my rambling tee hee. Your magazine table is a Love & I know it’ll bring you loads of joy while it’s with you. Thanks again xx p.s you ARE special :-D

  2. Fionagaye says:

    Hey gorgeous girl, Fi here.

    Shazza steered me towards your little blog – looking good!!!

    I just had to comment that I have had that Quinoa book for ever – its THE best book ever and Quinoa rocks – I manage to ‘sneakily’ stick it in everything!!!!!

    PS: I’m at ‘Round She Goes’ again in August – love to see you again and of course, worth a blog! :)

    Love, love,
    Fi xxxxx

    • April Love says:

      Thanks for stopping by lovely Fiona! Looking forward to seeing you at ‘Round she goes” next week-end!! Love, Love xx

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