Cover It – customized mobile cover.

This caught my eye on the fabulous pinterest! I’ve added what appears to be the source for you. This simple, creative & easy idea is a credit to this little chickadee.

I don’t know about you but there’s a few factors in owning a mobile phone that I do find a little painful. The one I’m thinking on today is the issue of the ‘right’ cover. I’m one for not wanting to spend big dollars on a new cover BUT I think they’re a bit of a necessary evil! Also the endless time sourcing one on the net..YAWN (when i could be op-shopping I mean, really!) I still, however demand something stylish for my ultimate accessories..but of course! Then this lovely, crafty blog caught my eye. Ok, ok – not everyone is the craft Queen/King – but my lovelies this isn’t rocket science!! Pretty, funky or quirky papers are endless these days, even at your local $2 shop. Or, as I’ve mentioned before, use some cooool VINTAGE ¬†wallpaper, or even some wrapping you may have squirreled away because it was just too nice to throw away – ahhh ha! Recycling at its best.

I am an iPhone devotee and as the featured blogger says, she’s unsure how well it would work with other phones – if it works with a clear iPhone case, I’m fairly certain it’d work with others.

Yes – unique wins again & saves you some cashola…after all my clear case cost me a whole $5 on eBay – with free postage! Enjoy.

Love, Love
April xx



2 Responses to “Cover It – customized mobile cover.”

  1. Emmeline says:

    Awesome! I have some books of interesting papers that have been sitting around without a purpose for ages (doesn’t sound like me at all)…I think they have a purpose now!

    • April Love says:

      Naww sweetie!! I’m sooo glad you liked this ‘crafty’ idea AND that it’s given you a reason to use those papers!!…everything has a purpose – eventually :-p

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