What a chilly June week-end brought..

It may have been ‘chill factor’ in good ‘ole Adelaide, but it didn’t stop Mr B & I getting out ‘n about. Seriously, would any week-end be complete without just a LITTLE pick?!!! Tee hee

We popped in to see our lovely friend Helen Hosking, from ‘ Of Paint and Possession’   http://www.ofpaintandpossession.com.au/

Helen and her darling hubby Richard, of -‘ some days are diamonds’, have two of Adelaide’s more quirky & unique stores. Filled with inspiration & eclectic looks – AND they’ll whip you up something that’s ‘one of a kind’..get out!!!

Whats in Helen's window?! WOW this re-worked old cupboard is weaving a load of magic in its coool colours! - Of Paint & Possession

Richard’s shop was a favourite from many years back when we bought the most wonderful table made from recycled wood, formed into a parquetry style top, as our dining table – and of course the purchase list grew from there over years.

Their style & inspirational pieces always captured the attention of Mr B & myself.  The lean towards vintage, recycle & re-purpose ‘had me at helloooo’. It was just a flyby this weekend without a ‘pick’, but I couldn’t resist but to snapity snap a few of Helen’s quirky moments!..and nooo visit would be complete without a snuggle from my favorite ‘Miss Betsie’ – we totally share the LOVE – & you can see her sunning herself  in the window most weekends ( that’s Betsie, not Helen)

Helens 'Tribute' to the Jubilee - Love your style!

Old Books - Helen's great styling, always a fav of mine.


..a visit would'nt be complete without seein' 'Madam'!


Now, to actually parting with the dollars… The fabulous ‘Rock and Rustic’
http://www.rocknrustic.com/Home/Home.asp was a winner this weekend. This groovy place is lovin its ‘Industrial’ and I have to say Mr B & I spend a lot of time discussing what could work where – not even for our abode, just anywhere..its all in the ‘eye’! My ‘pick’ is a truly fabulous treasure, I had eyed off previously, and was still waiting for me! A crate with Vintage Balfours advertising..

Our fabulous vintage crate with 'Balfours' advertising!..oh, yes..make no mistake - I squealed!

For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Balfours’, this company has been operating since 1853 and they say it’s Australia’s oldest bakery!! Famous for their ‘Frog Cakes’ and the square meat pie featured in the also famous, pie floater. Fabulously South Australian, they are a much loved tradition. So, imagine my squeal of delight in finding this baby!!..and yes, I actually did make an audible sound of delight. Now she’s mine, with a beautiful reminder of history – in my OWN backyard.

Historic Balfours pics - via SA LibraryHistoric SA Balfours pic - via SA LibraryBalfours world FAMOUS 'Frog Cake' - A much loved South Australian tradition.

Sadly Mr B missed out on a groovy old printing thingy from the US that he’d taken a precious shine to at Rock and Rustic – nice to know though someone else saw its beauty and loved it as much as we had!

Then, off to complete a vintage find – Our Boudoir Vintage Lamp.  We needed an alternative shade and we both agreed to try a very ‘different’ type of shade on the vintage goose neck, brass lamp. I scored this baby at the delightful ‘Magnolias at Oakbank’ earlier in the year.

Our 'Magnolia at Oakbank' Lamp.











This totally adorable shop is nestled in the bea-U-tiful Adelaide hills – yet only 15mins from the city! (check-in again to my blog for a feature on this darling shop in the near future!)

This was the shade when we purchased it

cute - but saved aside for another creative venture!



Not quite the style we were after BUUUUT nothing goes to waste! This little darling will be squirreled away for a little ‘re-use’ when it gets an ‘April’s Love’ makeover.




The lamp itself I knew was exactly what the reno’d boudoir needed. A sophisticated shade had been spotted at the gorgeous ‘Laura Ashley’ – & now it was ‘SALE of the century’ time. So, taking a risk, we took that baby home annnnddd…


Voila!! A perfect fusion of old & new.  She has a new life, a new look & a new feel. We’re loving it – & individuality wins again!

Whatever grand adventure you had this weekend, I hope it brought you love & a big smile to your face.

Love, Love,
April x

10 Responses to “What a chilly June week-end brought..”

  1. Emmeline says:

    That crate is fantastic!! Great find! Xx

    • April Love says:

      Oh indeed it is sweetie! Sooo glad it was still there. It’s quite large too. May have to seal it to keep the advertising from deteriorating any further – like I did on my little ice-box packing case cupboard. Thanks for stopping by!! xoxox

  2. julie says:

    You are amazing Miss April – love love love your Balfours crate! And you are a fabulous writer. You keep me hanging on til the last word and really enjoying every single thing (and learning all about the quirky places we have around Adelaide)! Thanks again!!


    • April Love says:

      No, no..thank YOU!! That’s just too kind. I’m really delighted you’re enjoying seeing things through my eyes..its such a grand adventure, sharing is fabulous! mwahhh xoxox

  3. mwahhh back to you !! What an amazing blog site April.. so nice to see my shop through different eyes. Do you think you’ve found a new calling?? I think you should find a way of doing this for all us little people in retail.Thanks again for putting it out there! Amazing and fun, and Betsie looked beautiful. MWAHHH, MWAHHH!

    • April Love says:

      Oh thanks for stopping by my page Helen! I truly value your kind & positive comments. A new calling eh?! or a previous life LOL. I’m always happy to feature people who inspire me – because that makes a difference in my life and in turn by passing it on, I hope it may make a difference in someone elses :-D My sincere apologies for spelling Betsie’s name wrong EEKK! Its now been corrected and do pass on my apologies to the princess. Love love xx

  4. Pat Milne says:

    Thank you so much for the great comments on Rock N Rustic…Fabulous blog site.

    • April Love says:

      No worries Pat!.. Rock n Rustic has fabulous treasures!! Happy to spread the ‘love’ of great places – til the next time, cheers! Thanks for popping by xx

  5. hi there dear april! I’ve been inspired to do our own face book page,and naturally my first photo was of the babies! Call by any time for a coffee, so that I can pick your brain!!! I need all the help I can get….Mwahhh, mwaaahhh…

    • April Love says:

      Oh my lovely gals! Nice to see you pop by AND welcome to the world of ‘social networking’ lol. Not sure how much help I can really be to you, as you’ve got it going on baby! But i’ll pop by thurs after yoga if you’re there (around 3ish)…hey, you didn’t leave your facebook address?!..ok, I’m off to hunt you down :-P xxx

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