So, here we are…

They say, ‘you’ve gotta start somewhere’.. & so, here I am! My inaugural blog. As such I’m going to dedicate it to my folks – wonderful, loved & loving parents who taught me so much. A great place to start too since it was my Mum who largely gave me the ‘affliction’, no no PASSION, for my ‘loves’ -my all things vintage & recycled!
My childhood was filled with spending many a day trawling through good ‘ole fashioned ‘JUNK SHOPS’!! I can hear my Mum now, nagging my Dad to drive us to the Barossa Valley, a favorite haunt back in the day, to hunt through every shop from Gawler to Nuriootpa, Angaston & back again (south Australia) Some had the classy title of ‘antique shop’, some were filled to the brim with dusty old wares from someone’s Granny off the farm, ahh we knew them all.

- A little before my time -

There were no buzz words then – just JUNK!- and we loved it. I couldn’t wait to find a treasure – & i knew Mum would never refuse, one because it cost next to nothing & two, because it was HER passion after all! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the ‘buzz’ words now in circulation through a changing world fueled by media & ‘social networking’.. So I guess we were ‘PICKERS’, just without the TV shows.
There were 3 things I fixated on then, tins, candle holders (wee Willys) & little glass dishes. What an odd child I must have been – but what joy, passion & inspiration it has brought me my entire life.

Vintage candle holder & tin - old favorites!




Times changed though & it kinda became uncool to have ‘second-hand’ stuff, wether it was furniture or clothes. Places closed down. So sad when ‘hand-made’ became just ‘old fashioned’, but somehow things didn’t change in our ‘lil world! My Mum still sewed, drafted her own pattens, recut old dresses, filled the house with pretty china, quirky wares & collectables, while Dad planted some more fruit trees & veggies, ‘organic’ – I’m not sure they even knew the word back then. Now finally, the winds of change have cycled around – ‘recycled’ itself you may say! We’re planting herbs in window boxes in our ‘gardenless’ homes, we shop the groovey ‘recycle’ markets for ‘pre-loved’ goodies. Indeed new generations are finding the passion I was blessed to grow up with & past generations rekindle their love for all things ‘& reinventing, unashamedly – for truth be known, to all of us the REAL treasure IS the ‘junk’.
I’m looking forward to sharing my ‘Love’s’, my ‘flights of fancy’ – as Mum would say. I can’t wait to highlight some great finds, shops, ideas, places & people along the way. The whole human experience & connectedness with things past to the present. I welcome your comments & input always. So thanks to my Daughter for inspiring me to get ‘blogging’, My hubby & Son for their patience at my ignorant bliss with all things technological & above all my folks – the sum total of all my parts – here’s to a grand adventure!
Love love always,

14 Responses to “So, here we are…”

  1. Terry Jones says:

    Hello miss April what can i expect from your blog?

    • admin says:

      Good times & positivity my friend – that’s what you can expect! All things vintage, People, places, ideas & all with my ‘vintage perspective’ stay tuned!! Thanks for poppin in & looking forward to sharing all my ‘love’s’ with you :-D

  2. Julie says:

    Hello beautiful
    You are amazing! What a wonderful first blog. Loved living through your growing up years with Auntie’s Dorothy’s passions and imagining her face and also your dads while driving you all around! Well well written! Can’t wait for the next installment!
    Love always Julie

    • admin says:

      Thank you Julie for your lovely comments!! It’s so much appreciated. Well, you have the added insight of actually having been there & truly knowing what I’m talking about. Your parents too knew the value in growing & making their own produce. I can still remember the garden where your dad grew sooo many things – and the totally fabulous cooking of your dear, dear mother! I seem to remember your Mum also sharing the love of ‘op-shopping’ & vintage treasures! Hope you can pop by again soon – and thanks again :-*

  3. Julie B. says:

    Well said, April! I am looking forward to reading about your vintage adventures. Here’s hoping Miss Coco doesn’t get too close to your treasures! Julie (and Jehanne) xx

    • April Love says:

      Thanks darl! Looking forward to you popping in – thankyou for the support. Least we know miss coco likes the way ‘vintage’ tastes :-p

  4. Terry Jones says:

    I always think of your mother as the real 1950’s mum. I see where your passion comes from for all things retro.

  5. Georgia says:

    You are such a clever lady! I look forward to watching your vintage world unfold. Much love April’s Love xx

    • April Love says:

      Thanks Ms Georgia! You’re always such a positive supporter – its appreciate probably more than you realize. Here’s to great adventures! xoxox

  6. Becky Blake says:

    Love your work, Miss April. A nostalgic look down memory lane. I remember combing school fete white elephant stalls and local garage sales for “knick knacks”. I recall buying a very pretty white ceramic lamp with pink rosebuds on it for 10c. Along with the fancy language has come the fancy price tags. Lookin forward to reading more. Mwah x

    • April Love says:

      ‘white elephant stalls’ – I haven’t heard that in YEARS!!! I think my Mum had a radar for every market, fete & stall within a 50km radius LOL. Yes, it’s true prices have changed – a LOT, but my darling Briby, IF you still had that white lamp with pink rosebuds I’d give LEAST 50c for it :-D thanks for poppin in, love your support & hope to see you again soon. Mwahhh xox

  7. Lee says:

    Well darl, this is a gorgeous expression of yourself – and very pretty. Enjoy your journey. From one old soul to another…

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