No rainy day is gonna get me down – time for a recycle bargain!

Adelaide has turned on the CHILL factor – BRRRR and although I’m not one for the cooler temps, i decided to not let it get me down!! So, whats the best answer..?? wear one of your best vintage finds! – Of course.

So, I popped on my FABULOUS ‘vintage coat with soul’ I discovered last winter on my bi-annual shopping adventures, with Ms V.

My vintage coat with SOUL - no rainy days gonna get me down in this number!

Its gold, sparkly lurex thread is bound to make anyone smile – especially me! Then, once I heard the beat of my own drum, I headed for the wonderful little treasure trove that is ‘Ill-gotten gains’.
This ‘lil shop has some amazing gems – recycle, vintage, new. Women’s, children oh, and I think a touch of men’s also (best check that as i’m only ever paying attention to women’s!) The range is diverse, and did I mention she also has shoes, handbags, jewellery AND a few eclectic homewares – does she fit it all in?! Enough with the ‘she’ – SHE is the cats mother, my Mum always said! – The beautiful Taya, welcomes you with a sensational smile and a hearty chat is most certainly on the cards! I cant remember ever walking away without something, and today was no different..

Ill-gotten gains never misses with a fabulous bargain!

This little number called to the ’60’s Mod’ part of my brain – not totally certain where that’s located – and with boots, tights and a bit of a boof of the hair – voila, i’m a 60’s goddess..all for the sum of $22.50 ..NO I didn’t leave out an 0!! Can you believe it?! Truly this shop is a gem – more importantly the owner is a doll! So check out her facebook page link above, grab the details and get on down people for sum ‘ill-gotten gains!!. And guys, if you think I’ve left you out, think again. If you have a woman (partner, sister, mother, friend etc) & she has a penchant for vintage & recycle, YOU my friend are gonna be the ‘golden haired’ boy for passing this on.
Love Love,
April xx


2 Responses to “No rainy day is gonna get me down – time for a recycle bargain!”

  1. julie says:

    Wow I soooooo love love love your vintage coat and of course you would like absolutely divine wearing it!! Will definitely check out illgottengains too! Thank you for inspiring us!! xo

    • April Love says:

      You’re so welcome Luv!! It is a winner – a little bit like wallpaper LOL, But I do love it, I found that one at the Red Cross shop on Jetty Rd, Glenelg. you will LOVE ill-gotten gains!! Check out her opening times etc via FB – it is a samll business & as such not always open normal hours. Enjoy!! Love Love xox

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