Inspiring blog – ‘advanced style’

LOVE LOVE LOVE inspiring blogs – with inspiring people – of ALL ages! This makes me think of The Beatles song “…Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m sixty-four?”

Be we all so fortunate to live to a grand age such as these wonderful Ladies in this Blog. When it comes to Style – age knows NO boundries.

Love Love

April x

True Style knows NO boundries!


2 Responses to “Inspiring blog – ‘advanced style’”

  1. Lee says:

    No BB issues with very classy lady then! I hope we all age as beautifully on the outside as you are inside and out darl.


    • April Love says:

      …or BISH! Ahhhh..I can see us now – Mature, GRAND LADIES of style traipsing through the countryside, of wherever, lookin up all those dead relies :-p love your work, looking forward to seeing you in ‘blog-land’ again soon! Mwahhh

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