Envelope Love

On a ‘Pinterest’ search, I discovered this fabulous picture that made the ‘crafty’ side of the brain fire up like a spark plug! This sweet picture tells a simple story of how YOU can easily make your own divine envelopes. These days seems everyone’s returning to the good old fashioned ways of sending an invitation, by post! Light bulb – could it possibly be we are ACTUALLY over cyber invitations?! Well, I believe everything has its place, BUT when we really want to dress something up, what better way than to make it something tangible!










Starting with a HEART is always going to catch my imagination. My personal take on this would be to source some groovy vintage wallpaper (easier to source than you think.) Alternativly craft, scrapbooking & DIY invitation stores can be found pretty much everywhere these days – even places like ‘cheap as chips’ & the ‘$2 shops’ have some quirky papers you can work with!

Why make it when you can buy it..the best answer, INDIVIDUALITY – c’mon, its not rocket science & imagine how amazingly brilliant your friends will think you are when you say, ‘Oh no, you cant buy them – they’re one-of’s..I made them!’

Love, Love xx

P.S..and you thought the ‘Crafty’ side of the brain was for misbehaving!!


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