Collectables you say??..INDEED!

One of the places I love BEST to have a wander in, is the amazing place that is –  ‘Cross Road Collectables’.

- Cross Road Collectables - A winner in my book!
It’s vintage & recycle HEAVEN.  A Family run business, these guys live & breathe ‘the biz’! So reminiscent of the fabulous shops my Mum would take me through as a child, I always feel right at home here! Its got a heart – and being a person who’s big on ‘feel’,  I’m lovin it! I’m always greeted with smiles & everyone’s always up for a chat about all the various treasures. Come to think of it, there’s a pattern beginning to form..maybe it’s ME who’s always up for a chat?!..just a thought!

When popping in this week I could’nt resist in taking a few happy snaps to give you just a mere taste of the diversity in this great place.

Groovy and retro - ahha!










or is this your style??..


Vintage fly spray tin! Look at the vibrant colours & branding!








What about some kitsch but oh so coool?!..


Kitsch - but hey, sometimes you're just not after 'perfection'







Finally, a darling I could’nt resist but to share, simply because these guys had taken the time to put shell’s in this pretty little HEART tin – great work, i’m sold!


A heart - I could'nt resist.











This is not even beginning to scratch the surface folks..look a little deeper! Oh the endless treasures I’ve personally found here. This is one, now MINE, I thought I needed to share.

Vintage tin with a wonderful patina AND filled with old dolly pegs. Almost too good to be true.











I’m fairly certain my reaction at seeing that as I walked through the door, even surprised them! But I mean – really, the absolute delight in vintage ‘dolly pegs’ popped unassumingly in a shabby vintage tin?! That’s GOLD!! Let’s not forget my recycled, red, cheese grater I intent to use as a light shade. 

My red, recycled grater! Ripe for a new take on a light shade.











Whether I’m sharing the love visiting this treasure trove with a bestie, or a wander and ponder on my own, it’s well worth a look – over & over again!   So remember beautiful people, if you’re  looking for something in-particular or collect – you’ll find it here! Bottles to suitcases, retro to kitsch, kitchenalia to tins, open your mind and look beyond what it is, to what it COULD be.  Just to spur you on to go check it out, in person or via the net, the prices are A1 – on ya guys!

Love, Love

April xx

2 Responses to “Collectables you say??..INDEED!”

  1. julie says:

    Oh my you know how much I love this store! Since YOU introduced me to the wonders at Cross Road Collectables I’ve been visiting regularly! A fabulous gem of a store and another wonderful blog from you!! XOX

    • April Love says:

      I’m so glad you love it too!!!! Such a great spot, with ALWAYS a goodie to be discovered :-p thanks for stopping in & lovin the blog my friend. Love, love xox

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